[artist statement]

My practice is currently focused on flat surfaces. With an emphasis on materiality, the natural and built environments are cast into narrative abstraction on paper and canvas: landscapes are distilled into movements of paint, while interiors may become impressions in charcoal and ink. The imagery of my work acts to interpret the external environment and the factors of form and light that define it. Other environmental themes such as place and culture likewise influence my work. Through handcrafting certain materials, finding and recycling others, and exploring new ways of application, my practice amounts to a literal integration and figurative reflection of the physical matter of a place. My hope is to break the surface and thread the art-object into the external context so that the conditions of our looking are intrinsically involved with the art itself.



Born in 1994, New York City. I received a double degree in English and Studio Art from the University of Vermont in 2016. I currently work as a studio assistant focused on painting. Though I am primarily based in New York City, my recent work has been made in various blocks of living between Mexico City, Bolivia, and Ecuador, thereby sewing my practice into the very context of movement and re-orientation.