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Poems by Addison Bale + images by Julia Blasius
Irrelevant Press 2017


Other publications:

Bad Nudes, Jan. 2020 (online): “On Coney Island (Amnesia or July),” “Food Words”
Pomeroy Poets Anthology, 2017 (print): “Vanishing Point,” “The soggy éclair”

Bad Nudes Issue 2.3, 2017 (online): “Art as obsession with permanence”
Wedgie Magazine, 2016 (online): “I name myself rien,” “Art as obsession with permanence,” “Her/story”
Vending Machine Press, 2016 (online): “Austerity Measures,” “Sunday June 4th, 2017”
Indolent Books Press, 2016 (online): “Chimera”