[about poetry]

I am currently working on a series of loosely narrative poems that stem from the real-life event of the suicide by fire of David Buckel in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, in April, 2018. The poems interconnect on themes of crisis, connection, art, anxiety, love and sex, over the course of one fictional day in New York. They are not done yet.


In 2017, I released a collaborative chapbook project called, SNAKESKINS, with Irrelevant Press. Artist, Julia Blasius, provided images of her screenprint-collages to juxtapose my poems. The 23 poems that make up SNAKESKINS are unfiltered, un-treated, mostly gross and funny and automatic. These works ruminate on the self and sexuality, war and anxiety, as well as relationships-- all while coming to nearly zero concrete revelations. These poems, I shed them of me. I invite you to pick up the skins.